What Are Art Dolls?

“Collections of mass-produced dolls, originally made for children to play with, are everywhere. Far rarer and generally unknown to the public are the original dolls handmade by artists with the same creative approach which is used in painting and sculpture. Their dolls, many of which express American culture, are not intended for play.”
~ Helen Bullard, 1983

Ever wonder what an art doll is? As the name indicates, art dolls are objects of art, rather than children’s toys. They can be made of almost anything — from paperclay to fabric to wood to porcelain — and are usually multimedia objects that include some combination of mediums. To create an art doll requires the use of a variety of techniques and tools and can range from abstract to lifelike. The production of a piece can take weeks to create.

I personally love creating art dolls because of this freedom to use a variety of mediums and methods to express my creative vision. Stay tuned for more updates on this blog to see snippets of the techniques I employ to create my pieces.